It is our goal at the Housson Center to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

If you’re interested in having your child evaluated by the Housson Center, please contact our office at 214-351-0053 and speak to one of our intake specialists.  They will schedule an intake appointment with one of our clinicians as well as testing appointments and a feedback meeting following the evaluation.

 The Intake Meeting

Please complete the patient paperwork (attach link) and bring with you on the day of your intake meeting.

Bring any previous psychological evaluations, standardized test scores (ERB, CATS, etc.), report cards, individualized education plans, divorce decrees, or any other pertinent documents regarding your child’s functioning.

On the day of the intake, you will meet with one of our clinicians who will conduct an intake interview, which last approximately one hour.

A $250.00 deposit for testing is due after the intake meeting.

Day of Evaluation

Please ensure that your child gets a full night’s rest on the day prior to the evaluation.  Additionally, it is recommended that your child eat a nutritious breakfast the morning of testing.

Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time.  One of our clinicians will greet you in the waiting room and escort your child to the evaluation room to begin testing.

Typically, testing is scheduled over the course of two or three separate days.  Older children are usually scheduled for two days (3-3.5 hours each day) and younger children are typically scheduled over three days (1-2 hours each day).   All evaluations are conducted in a multidisciplinary manner and include collaboration among our psychologists, counselors, and diagnosticians.

Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting room during the testing, although it is not required.  The clinician will bring your child to the waiting room at the end of the appointment.

Feedback Meeting

Approximately one week after testing, you will meet with one of our clinicians to review the results of the evaluation.  This meeting lasts approximately 1 – 1.5 hours and diagnoses and treatment recommendations are discussed.

At this time, you will receive a summary of your child’s evaluation including the tests administered and test data.  A full, comprehensive report summarizing our findings and including recommendations will be provided to parents following the meeting.

What to tell your child