We provide psychological to comprehensively evaluate Intellectual, Academic, Attentional, Memory, Emotional, and Social functioning, as well as social-developmental disorders. Individuals seeking evaluations are usually referred to our practice by medical and mental health professionals, education specialists and teachers, or friends. A psychoed and educational evaluation involves:

  • A Parent Interview (approximately 60 minutes) to gather developmental history, family history, past and present academic, social, and emotional functioning, and discuss presenting concerns.  Parents are usually asked to complete behavior-rating questionnaires after the parent interview to provide additional information to aid in the evaluation process.  Prior test results and school records are also evaluated at this time.
  • A Classroom Observation (approximately 45-60 minutes) to observe the student in his or her classroom setting and consult with the teacher.  The teacher is also asked to complete a behavioral rating questionnaire.  Classroom observations are completed prior to formal testing and are typically only conducted with children in elementary school (Pre-kindergarten thru fourth grade).
  • Testing Sessions (approximately 5-6 hours*) are typically completed over two separate days, with each session lasting approximately three hours.  Parents are notified if further testing is required.  For children seven years old and younger, testing is scheduled over three days; each session is approximately two hours long. If a child cannot attend for two hours with breaks, testing sessions can be broken down into one hour sessions.
  • A Feedback Session (approximately 75 minutes) to discuss the test results and findings.  Recommendations and additional referrals are also made at this time.
  • A Comprehensive Report will be provided to you four-six weeks after the evaluation.

*Comprehensive assessments for social-developmental disorders and psychological disorders include additional testing instruments and time.
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